Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Miller and Perez 

For $10 million in 2005 and a little more in 2006, the Seattle Mariners could lock up two of the best pitchers available (at any time) this offseason, and push themselves from "nice offseason, but probably needs more to finish better than 3rd in AL West" to "AL West Favorites".

We would be looking at how we match up with the Red Sox and Yankees rather than just how we match up with the Angels and A's. The blogosphere wouldn't know what to do for the next three months.

Either of these pitchers could put up numbers as good or better than Matt Clement, Carl Pavano, Jamey Wright or anyone else signed this offseason.

Miller is obviously a greater risk, which is why we sign him to the incentive-laden 2-year deal a la Jon Lieber two years ago. If he pitches well in 2005, great! If not, then in 2006, when Moyer and Franklin are definitely off the books, Wade Miller slides in as the staff #1 or #2 (depending on the growth of Pineiro or the emergence of King Felix).

Don't stop yet, Mr. Bavasi. You did an excellent job in finding a potential huge bargain in Adrian Beltre. And somehow, these two talents are there for the taking at a price much lower than the going rate. Promote how Safeco and an improved defense will be their haven. Push our awesome fan base, and how they could be the ace pitcher on a resurgent team.

Go get em!

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