Thursday, December 09, 2004

How Bout dem Sonics?!! 

Being a Seattle sports fan in Texas means that I don't get to watch too many games, and I'm not a big enough basketball fan to shell out money for the NBA League Pass. So last night's game with the Spurs was the first Sonics game I've watched in its entirety. (I do follow the recaps at Sports and Bremertonians religiously, and highly recommend them).

And let me just say, I'm impressed. Against a team that had a 20 game home winning streak and many (at least in Texas) people's favorite to win the 2005 title, the Sonics came out and kicked some a$$. Dominating the second quarter to take a 17-point halftime lead, the Sonics then had to withstand one of those furious rallies that the Spurs always seem to unleash on their opponents. The Spurs whittled it down to two, and I had visions of M's-Indians, and pick your favorite 2004 Seahawks debacle flash through my head.

But the Sonics stepped up their defense, started nailing shots, and eventually pulled away for a big win. And the game was entertaining from start to finish. The optimist in me can't give up on the Seahawks, but right now, I'm looking forward to watching the Sonics beat the Mavericks next, while I'm dreading this Sunday's Seahawk-Viking clash. If you have been lax in following the Sonics this year, give them a try, they are a team that reminds me of the 2001 Mariners, and this may be just as magical a season (maybe even with a better ending).

Now, onto the bad news. Troy Glaus is off the market. He signed a 4-year, $45 million offer with the Diamondbacks. This is a high-risk, high-reward contract for the DBacks, who will look very smart if Glaus stays healthy for the next 4 years. But that's a pretty big if and its a risk I'm glad the M's did not take.

So, its Adrian Beltre or bust for the M's at third base. Rumors persist that the Mariners have struck hard first with a very aggressive 7-year, $90 million offer, but I still haven't seen any mention of this offer in Seattle media, which I find perplexing. Shouldn't they at least mention that it was mentioned on a Los Angeles radio station?

Okay, maybe its not Adrian Beltre or bust. Corey Koskie may be the next man on the list. But now Koskie may be closer to accepting less money to stay in Minnesota, joining Brad Radke in the hometown discount club.

So, what other backup plan could the M's have for third base? Rumors that the M's and Padres have resumed discussing a trade that would send Randy Winn and Scott Spiezio to the Padres for Ryan Klesko's bloated contract and Sean Burroughs persist. This would be an interesting idea to say the least. Burroughs could be a stud, but his power has stubbornly refused to develop. Klesko is a butcher in the field and might be best suited to first base or DH. This would open up center field for Jeremy Reed, or possibly, dare I say it, Carlos Beltran.

Stay tuned...

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