Thursday, December 16, 2004

Holiday Wishes for those Less Fortunate 

During this wonderful Holiday Season, I just wanted to take a moment of pause from celebrating the Mariners to think about those less fortunate than ourselves.

Dodgers. Not only did they lose their MVP runner-up third baseman who've they nurtured from a pup, but on the same day, saw their trade offer of Edwin Jackson and Antonio Perez for Tim Hudson rejected by the A's and Hudson sent packing to the Evil Empire of the NL - the Braves.

A's. While the M's are spending and rebuilding, the A's are dealing their top pitcher for a collection of prospects, none of whom is likely to help much in 2005.

George Steinbrenner. The Mariners are stealing his headlines while he flails about trying to find some way to scrounge up enough value to land Randy Johnson in trade.

Mariner Bloggers. What are we going to complain about for the next few months?


Awwww.... today is a busy day. Even as I wrote this entry, Newsday announces that Steinbrenner has struck, with a 3-way deal for Randy Johnson that sends Javier Vazquez to the Dodgers and sends Brad Penny, Yhancy Brazoban, and Shawn Green to the Diamondbacks. I don't think this is a done deal, but it would be a fascinating trade, as it would cost the Yankees potential Beltran money, and free up space and additional money with the Dodgers which they might use to go after a pair of Carloses, and repair their relationship with their fans.

Ya gotta love Hot Stove days like today!

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