Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Delgado - Red Light 

Okay, now that we have signed Richie Sexson, can we stop the pursuit of Carlos Delgado. I mean, its nice that Richie was willing to play left field, but I still think that was a negotiating stance to take with Delgado.

Sexson is an excellent defensive first baseman, and Delgado is not. Leave Sexson at first, and let the M's, Yankees and Orioles duke it out for Delgado's services (though we should stay in negotiations just to keep the price up).

Instead of weakening our defense to add Delgado, why don't we pursue J.D. Drew? I have seen no rumors of a Drew offer, but the boy can hit and play defense. Like Sexson (and to a lesser extent, Delgado), his big risk is his health.

Of course, Adrian Beltre should be priority one. We have decent alternatives in the outfield with two of Ibanez, Winn, and Reed. But the left side of our infield presents much more risk with Scott Spiezio doing a Jeff Cirillo impersonation and Justin Leone not looking ready for a starring role. Probably nothing short of an Adrian Beltre or Carlos Beltran signing will appease the Mariner masses.

So, please don't sign Carlos Delgado. It is not a good use of our resources, with Sexson under contract.

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