Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Note: I refuse to use Carlapalooza as it sounds like a reference to a Cheers waitress, and Carlpalooza already syllabically matches Lollapolooza.

Carl is in Seattle today, and its got to be a dreary day. Regardless of how you feel about how Carl would fit in the M's plans, you have to think our chances of landing him from a up close visit in the wintertime are long indeed. Who wants to be in Seattle in December the day after a nationally televised Seahawks debacle. Yuck.

And look at the sales pitch he just left in Baltimore...
The video department provided him with a glimpse of what the future could hold by putting his photo on the scoreboard in an Orioles uniform and treating the occasion like Opening Day - even posting a head shot of Oakland Athletics left-hander Mark Mulder opposite Pavano's likeness as a preview of the April 4 game at Camden Yards.
The recorded voice of public-address announcer Dave McGowan introduced Pavano as the starting pitcher, and career highlights were shown on the big screen. The free agent played catch with (his agent Scott) Shapiro as the Orioles cued Eminem's "Business," the song that accompanies him from the bullpen before each game.

Carlpalooza is on its fifth stop in a six city tour, with Boston, Detroit, New York and now Baltimore in his rear view mirror. After Seattle, he is off to Anaheim, where coincidentally, the Winter Meetings will be held.

I'm with the rest of the blogosphere when I say that I think Carl Pavano will be overpriced, and I'd rather take my chances with Matt Clement. But still, its nice to be included on the tour. In fact, when I look at the marquis free agents, it warms the cockles that almost every one of them has been linked to the Mariners recently, with the recent mentions of Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre really perking my interest. Throw in optimism from USS Mariner of all places, and I am really looking forward to seeing what the M's cook up this offseason.

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