Thursday, December 16, 2004

Boras Clients 

The irony of this is that it looks like the Boras client was by far the better of the two deals the M's signed. Time to start bad-mouthing that Casey Close character who may have used the Orioles to turn a rumored 3-year, $33 million offer for Sexson into 4-year, $50 million.

Beltre's deal is 5-year, $64 million, which has to be a record low for a Scott Boras client who is 25 years old and coming off a 2nd place MVP finish. Well done, Mr. Bavasi!

So, if you don't like the Sexson signing, just use your imagination. Pretend that Sexson signed for 4-year, $32 million, and Beltre signed for 5-year, $82 million. Does that make it all better? Hopefully, all Mariner fans can agree that we are off to a wonderful start to rebuilding.

So, which Boras client do we turn our attention to next? I'm rooting for the bargain bin model of J.D. Drew. Though that Carlos Beltran kid is alright, I'm told.

I'm just giddy.

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