Thursday, December 23, 2004

Blogosphere Happenings 

Derek Zumsteg, of USS Mariner fame, gets an article published in the P-I. Now the cycle is complete, and Derek has turned to the Dark Side of M's reporting. Soon we will learn that Bob Finnigan is Derek's father.

Of the USS Mariner guys, Derek is the one I disagree with most often, but there is no denying his skills as a writer or his baseball acumen. My only complaint with this piece is that I wish he could have called Stars & Scrubs by its true name (and pay homage to its roto history), rather than the "Stars-and-filler" phrase he puts out in this article. Other than that its a nice overview on how this offseason is a departure of a good kind for the M's but why Sexson is still a risky signing.

Also, let me send out a hearty welcome to Chris Becker and his new Mariner Madness site. I do my best to keep the blogosphere links on the right up to date, and while it seems that quite a few have called it quits in recent months (I'll miss Steve at the Mariners Wheelhouse for sure), Chris' site may signal the beginning of the 2005 wave.

Edited: Alas, I left out another newcomer to the M's Blogosphere from Dylan and Graham. It is M's vs. A's and looks to have a focus on both Seattle and baseball in the Bay Area.


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