Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wake up the Blogosphere 

Another Bob Finnigan article is out to stir up the blogosphere.

This one says that Carlos Delgado is "likely" their "top" target, and that Corey Koskie is a target.

The biggest revelation in this article is that with Carl Pavano's pricetag looking too big, the M's are very interested in Jaret Wright and Jon Lieber. The past relationship Hargrove had with Wright is touted as a big reason.
Hargrove is thought to be a key part of Seattle's efforts to land Wright, a right-hander who was 15-8 with a 3.28 earned-run average for Atlanta last season. He came back from years of arm injuries that ruined his chances of becoming the Indians' ace.
I like the idea of adding Wright or Lieber, over the presumably more expensive Pavano.

The fact that the article doesn't even mention blogosphere favorites Adrian Beltre, Carlos Beltran, J.D. Drew, or Matt Clement, is sure to stir up some fires.

Frankly, anything from Finnigan has to be taken with a large grain of salt. So I'm not gonna get too worked up yet.

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