Friday, November 05, 2004

Nomar to the Yankees? 

The New York Daily News is doing its best job of rumor-inventing, putting out quotes from the ubiquitous "friend of Nomar" Garciaparra, that the former Red Sox shortstop would be willing to move to 2nd base to play with the Yankees.

This would, of course, give the Yankees an infield of The Big Three plus a first baseman who may be anything between Jason Giambi down to former Mariner/Yankee Tino Martinez.

Wouldn't that at a nice bit of fuel to the fire that is the Red Sox - Yankee rivalry?

Meanwhile, several outlets are reporting that Scott Boras is searching for a 10-year, $200 million contract for Carlos Beltran. Keep dreaming, Scott. Its a nice place to start your posturing, though, and then have to "settle" for 7 years and $120 million. Almost makes 7-year/120 sound cheap doesn't it? You gotta love Boras. He is nothing if not consistent. With Boras holding the leash of just about every premiere free agent this offseason (Beltran, Beltre, Drew, Lowe, Millwood, Ordonez, Varitek), it could be a very long time before the market establishes itself.

Personally, I think Beltre should be priority target #1. There are just more options out there if we miss out on Beltran. But a third baseman who can hit has been missing from the Mariners almost as long as a left fielder was (thank you, Raul!).

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