Monday, November 15, 2004

M's Free Agent Rumors 

Rumors have the Mariners pursuing Carlos Delgado, Corey Koskie and Carl Pavano.

The Toronto Sun provides a gambler-friendly look at where Carlos Delgado might be going. It lists the Mariners as the favorite at 5-2 odds, closely followed by Baltimore at 3-1, the Yankees at 5-1, Angels at 7-1 and Blue Jays at 10-1. They have this entertaining quote:
The M's won all of 63 games -- four shy of the Jays' total -- in 2004, so why would Delgado have any interest in moving there? Well, the Jays aren't chasing Carl Pavano, Corey Koskie and Delgado. The Mariners are.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press throws out that the M's may offer Corey Koskie $15 million for 3 years.

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