Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Everyday Eddie to Return 

Less than a day after the Mariners declined a $6 million option, closer Eddie Guardado accepted his option for a $4.5 million contract and will be a Mariner in 2005.

Both moves are completely understandable, as pitchers, even those as good as Guardado, who are injured and relying on rest and rehab to cure them, do not earn $4.5 million on the open market. Its just too risky.

So, for 2005 at least, Guardado will be wearing a Mariner cap, and the threat of injury will loom over Eddie the entire season. If he's healthy, Guardado is one of the best closers in baseball, and a very good deal at $4.5 million. If hurt, then we are left with a gaping hole in our bullpen and our budget.

The good news is that one of the best doctors in the business, Dr. Lewis Yocum, is the one who examined Eddie and determined that the rotator cuff tear in his shoulder should heal with rest and rehabilitation, and that no surgery should be needed.

I, for one, am happy we will have Guardado next year, as I think he will be a stud closer for a Mariner team that will bounce back from a disastrous 2004.

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