Monday, November 22, 2004

Dan Wilson Mulling M's Offer 

According to the Everett Herald, the M's have made an offer to catcher Dan Wilson. This should come as no surprise to anyone.

What is interesting to me, is that Dan Wilson hasn't immediately accepted it. This tells me that either
a) Dan Wilson thinks he can get a starting gig somewhere else
b) The money is so little, that he thinks its worth pulling up roots to go elsewhere
c) He's hoping to land another offer in hopes the M's will improve theirs.

Rumors I've found around the Internet link Dan Wilson to the Orioles and White Sox. The White Sox are looking to fill the void left by trading Miguel Olivo to the Mariners, and the Orioles are looking for a backup to Javy Lopez.

The good news, is that Dan is obviously being offered far less than the $3.5 million he has made the past two years. And one might say it is good that the offer is low enough that Dan is not rushing to sign. This says to me that the team is paying Dan Wilson what he is likely to be worth as a backup catcher instead of as a pillar of the M's community. And that's a nice change of pace for the M's.

UPDATE 11/23:
Bob Finnigan's latest says that nothing is going on in negotiations and hints that this is means Seattle's offer is unsatisfactory. He includes the Twins (who have Joe Mauer) as another potential destination.

If we don't land Wilson, he says the current backup, Wiki Gonzalez, is probably unsatisfactory, but some in the organization see him as a sleeper. Instead, the M's are likely to pursue Mike Redmond of Florida, Gregg Zaun of Toronto or reunite Mike Hargrove with Sandy Alomar of the White Sox.

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