Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Game 7 

Boston's amazing run ends today, one way or the other. As a lifelong M's fan and Yankees hater my brain tells me that the Yankees will win tonight, but I'll be pulling REAL hard for the Sox.

Did anyone ever explain why Schilling had blood on his socks? Cortisone or pain killer shots? Gutty outing regardless, and yet another reason to like Schilling.

However, I'm not much for the "I'm a Christian, God is on my side" type stuff that Schilling was spouting in the post-game news conference. If God is choosing sides in baseball games, then we are in trouble, cuz God obviously has it in for Seattle. I refuse to believe that God is a Yankees fan, as this would certainly doom me to hell. Of course, the involvement of a higher power would give upper management a new scapegoat for the 2004 debacle.

Speaking of debacles, how about the last two weeks for the Seahawks? Time to forget about that - take the 4th quarter of the Rams game and the 1st quarter of the Patriots game and put them in the dumpster. This team IS going to figure things out, and get to the Super Bowl. Adding Jerry Rice can only help this team, by providing sure hands, receiver depth, and veteran leadership on the offense. 3rd and 3 down by 4, don't you feel better having Jerry Rice as one of your four receivers?

Enough from the Optimist - I've gotta get back to work so I can leave early and enjoy a great day of baseball - the Astros and Red Sox win in thrilling games and bring on Clemens at Fenway on Saturday Night for Game 1...

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