Thursday, October 21, 2004

Game 7, Redux 

Yesterday, the best game of the day was not the Red Sox rather pedestrian game 7 tromping of the Yankees, but was a classic 12-inning battle between St. Louis and Houston that the Cards won when Jim Edmonds had his way with a Dan Miceli offering, while Roy Oswalt sat unused in the Astros bullpen.

What a fantastic series this has been - perhaps the greatest I have ever seen. We've had home runs galore, masterful starting pitching, bullpen woes from both teams and bullpen dominance in the form of Brad Lidge. The greatest postseason pitching duel ever in game 5 from guys named Williams and Backe. Broken hands and mismanaged benches resulting in the broken hand pitching to the game 5 hero (Backe) in the 12th. Two straight games have ended with walk-off home runs.

And now game 7 features the best right handed pitcher of this age in Roger Clemens going up against the hometown crowd, the mighty Cardinals offense and their history of Game 7 success. If this game is anything like the rest of the series, then we may be witnessing the finale of the greatest LCS in history. Enjoy it!

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