Thursday, October 28, 2004

Congratulations, Red Sox, Now Go Away 

Like many of you, I cheered for the Boston Red Sox to end their 86 years of misery and win the World Series. At first, it was just because they were playing the Yankees, and then, well, OK, then it was because Yankee fans would've loved it if the Sox choked.

So, congratulations to the Red Sox! Hooray!

After the final out last night, I stayed tuned to watch the Post-game press conference, and that's when the happiness I felt for the Red Sox quickly started to fade. I even began to feel... how to describe this? Used. Cheap. Sad. Disappointed that a team that had not won for 86 years required the league's second highest payroll and a team of mercenaries who I don't associate at all with the Red Sox to do it. And the one player that I associate with the Red Sox? Left home in the cold in Chicago.

Only Trot Nixon and Kevin Youkillis were drafted by the Red Sox, and Tim Wakefield signed as a minor league free agent. Pedro and Manny have been there for years, but I still associate them more with their former homes. I guess they've had Lowe and Varitek long enough - but then I really start to get nauseous. And speaking of nausea, Mike Myers is gonna get a World Series ring.

So, with the championship, 86 years of Boston frustration are laid to rest. And now the Red Sox are just another big budget northeast baseball team. I can't believe I rooted for them.

Now, lets just hope the Mariners can go out and sign some big dollar free agents so that we can be the ones celebrating a championship next year, and Boston fans can be the ones rooting for us because "at least we're not the Yankees."

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