Thursday, September 09, 2004

Willie B Gone 

I missed 2 of these 3 at bats because Bloomquist = Bathroom Break for me, but here is the ESPN play by play for Willie:

2nd inning - two outs, runner on first - W Bloomquist struck out swinging
4th inning - one out, runner on second - W Bloomquist struck out swinging
7th inning - leadoff hitter - W Bloomquist struck out swinging
9th inning - J Reed hit for W Bloomquist; J Reed grounded out to shortstop on first pitch

Now, I'm as willing as anyone to give a player the benefit of the doubt. But do we really need Willie to get more at bats to evaluate his talent while Greg Dobbs and Jeremy Reed are sitting on the bench? Willie playing first base? Puh-leeze. Lets figure out if Ibanez can play the position while we try Jeremy Reed out in left. Please put Willie B in the same pasture that Scott Spiezio will be in for the rest of the season.

Or better yet, call up A.J. Zapp and see what he can do against major league pitching. He might be just as much fun as Bucky.

Here is the regular lineup I'd love to see to finish the season

CF Ichiro
RF Reed
DH Edgar
1B Zapp
RF Winn/Ibanez
2B Boone
C Olivo
3B Dobbs
SS Lopez

But, for some reason, they don't ask me.

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