Thursday, September 02, 2004

So much for that winning streak 

Poof....it's gone. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. At least the M's finally won five in a row, and allowed me to be true to my word (I am nothing if not an honorable optimist). Gil Meche worked out of jams for five innings, before handing over a 2-1 lead to Ron Villone in the sixth. Predictably, Villone turned that lead into a 4-2 M's loss with a very poor inning

And its now official. The loss to the Blue Jays officially eliminated the Mariners from playoff contention. At least they won't tease us with a too little too late September run like we've seen the last two years, huh? And I guess there won't be any playoffs distracting us from the Seahawks run to the Super Bowl. There's always a bright side.

Instead of fighting for the playoffs, the M's will continue to try out their new players (we get our first start from Cha Seung Baek tonight) and to try to spoil the playoff aspirations of Boston, Anaheim, Oakland, and Texas, against whom we play 24 of our remaining 30 games. I sure don't want to see ANY of these teams celebrating a playoff clinch on my field.

And we get to see if Ichiro! can continue his run at George Sisler's major league record of 257 hits. He's currently on pace for 263 and got two more last night.

I've got a lot too catch up on, but unfortunately, I do not have the time this week. I am playing in a tennis tournament over Labor Day Weekend, sandwiched around two fantasy football drafts on Saturday and Tuesday. Wish me luck in both.

In the meantime, how does this lineup look for 2005.

1. Ichiro RF
2. Beltran CF
3. Boone 2B
4. Beltre 3B
5. Jacobsen/Ibanez DH/1B
6. Ibanez/Jacobsen 1B/DH
7. Reed/Winn LF
8. Olivo C
9. Lopez SS

Bench - Winn/Reed, Spiezio, Leone, Cabrera, Wilson

Rotation - I have to admit I'm not fully versed on the duration of each injury, so let me know if anything I write is impossible.
1. Joel Pineiro
2. Odalis Perez
3. Jamie Moyer?
4. Bobby Madritsch
5. Gil Meche

Bullpen - Putz, Sherrill, Guardado, ???

Today's picks:
How about a few favorites...
Los Angeles (Perez) -250 over Arizona (Fossum). Odalis should be near top of M's FA wishlist.
Milwaukee (Sheets) -180 over Pittsburgh (Williams). Sheets turns things around here.And a few dogs...
San Diego (Peavy) +135 over St. Louis (Suppan). Peavy has a chance at the NL ERA title.
Colorado (Kennedy) +220 over San Francisco (Schmidt). I love Schmidt, but these odds, and Kennedy away from Coors are too good to pass up.

Money to date: $-1523 (picking dog/favorite = +297/-1820, 28-41, 21-25) - Some things never change - bet on the M's, I lose. Bet against the Yankees, I lose. Sigh. At least the Rockies did their job to keep me from planting an 0'fer.

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