Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nice Win for the M's 

Great win tonight for the Mariners, keeping the Haloed ones 2 1/2 games behind the A's, who lost to the Rangers.

Jamie Moyer returned to form with a nice outing, the bullpen (Villone and Putz) were outstanding, and the M's scored 7 runs on 18 hits.

Ichiro! cruised to a 5-5 effort to reinvigorate his pursuit of George Sisler's hit record. He now stands at 243 hits and needs 15 hits in his remaining 11 games. Or, if he wants to break it in 154 games, he just needs 3 more 5-5 games. He makes it look so easy some nights...

Today's picks:
Brewers(Sheets) +110 over Cardinals(Williams)
Mariners(Meche) +220 over Angels(Colon)
Blue Jays(Lilly) +240 over Yankees(Hernandez)
Astros(Oswalt) -135 over Giants(Lowry)
Phillies(Myers) -110 over Marlins(Kensing)

Money to date: $-533 (picking dog/favorite = +1212/-1745, 43-62, 31-31). Only Moyer and the M's kept me from the dreaded oh-fer, but I still only lost $110. Still time to get back to even.

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