Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Madritsch Rolling 

Bobby Madritsch is on a roll. Fantastic start giving up just six singles and two runs in 8 1/3 innings with 7 K's and 2 walks. Looks like Gil & Bobby have cemented spots in the 2005 rotation

Of course, Madritsch should have had an 8-inning 4-hit shutout if Melvin was willing to take care of his pitchers, and not run Bobby out there after 116 pitches.

Bob Melvin is doing his damnedest to make my job hard, overworking his pitchers, and doing foolish things like putting Bloomquist at 1B again. Its very disheartening to see. Count me amongst the bloggers that are really looking forward to the termination of Bob Melvin.

As a complete aside, I'm sitting here eating grapes, and it seems to make me break out in mild perspiration on my face and forehead. Any idea what is inside a grape that would cause me to sweat? Strange.

Today's picks: I don't like the underdogs as much today (Ryan Franklin +200)
Pirates (Perez) +155 over Cubs (Prior)
Expos (Patterson) +240 over Marlins (Pavano)
Indians (Elarton) -120 over Tigers (Maroth)
Phillies (Myers) -160 over Reds (Claussen)

Money to date: $-78 (picking dog/favorite = +1352/-1430, 37-50, 28-27) - Santana continues to be easy money, and going 2-2 picking dogs (thank you Bobby Madritsch and Scott Kazmir) earns another $295 for a nice day and I'm almost back to even. It seems betting in September is easier than betting in April.

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