Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Holy Jolbert, Batman! 

Jolbert Cabrera played the hero today with a clutch 8th inning 2-out, 2-RBI single to give the M's a win over the A's. The loss knocks the A's out of first place which makes me one happy camper. We have made our presence known this September, and I'm proud of the way the team has played this month.

Bobby Madritsch had another spectacular outing, with a complete game 3-hitter. Unfortunately, the M's continue to put his arm at risk by putting him out to start the ninth after he had already thrown 125 pitches. In the end it was 133 pitches, all out of the stretch. I'm curious whether pitching out of the stretch makes this less dangerous than that many pitches might be primarily out of the windup. I'm guessing no one keeps stats on windup vs. stretch position, so there is no data at this time. Lets hope that Madritsch' mature arm can handle the workload, or there will be hell to pay by this time next year.

The A's can't wait to get out of Seattle, and have to be hoping they survive Ryan Franklin and the M's tomorrow. I got to watch the A's feed, and hearing the disappointment in the announcers' voices was a great pleasure. I only wish the Rangers would have stepped up against the Angels so that WE could be the ones to knock them out of the playoff picture. There will be NO celebrations in Seattle this year, dammit.

Today's picks:
That's it, I'm done. When you bet money on the Rice Owls football team, it is time to call Gamblers Anonymous. So I finish up $32 on the year.

Money to date: $32 (picking dog/favorite = +1712/-1680, 47-64 33-32).

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