Monday, September 13, 2004

Chewbacca?, M's Fall 

Jose Lopez' solo shot is only bright spot in a 5-1 loss to the Angels. Ichiro went 0-4 with a walk and helped kill the final rally in the 9th. Cha Baek (can we just call him Chewbacca?) got beaten up early, giving up three doubles and a big 3-run HR to Garrett Anderson in the third to fall behind 4-0. I give him credit for keeping the bullpen fresh by staying out there through 7 innings and only giving up another run.

One note of sorta-optimism: Shiggy has now had 5 outings spanning 6 2/3 innings without giving up a run. Since he will be with the team in 2005, its important for him to banish the demons of 2004 and return to the form he showed us in 2002-3. Note that Shiggy is signed for 2005 at $3.6 million, so he ain't going anywhere. And if he pitches in 58 games in 2005, he is guaranteed $2.85 million in 2006. So we know that Shiggy will be part of the M's bullpen in 2005, but will be likely be shutdown before reaching 58 games (he pitched 53 in 2002, 63 in 2003 and 63 already in 2004).

We need to get Meche and Madritsch pitching back to back so we can enjoy a 2-game winning streak. I miss playing the Royals.

Speaking of the Royals, they put a 17-8 whooping on the Yankees, and in the process moved within a games of the M's in what may be the Justin Upton sweepstakes. Anytime the Yankees get their butts kicked by the Royals brings a smile to my face.

Can someone point me to a good starting point for the M's 2005 budget? I'm hopeful that the brass will take this losing thing seriously and put forth the cash to bring in 2 big bats and a top of the rotation starter this offseason. But I've been told we don't have the budget for that, and I'd like to see how our budget looks for 2005 right now, but am too swamped at work to do it myself. Thanks for any help you provide!

Bobby Madritsch goes tonight agains the Angels, and that's reason enough for me to watch!

Today's picks: Lets continue the theme and pick some more underdogs to see if I can get back in the black.
Expos(Downs) +200 over Marlins(Valdez) - Always take 2-1 odds against Ismael Valdez.
Devil Rays (Kazmir) +325 over Red Sox (Martinez) - What the hey, he's a nice looking rookie.
Mariners (Madritsch) +170 over Angels (Washburn) - I get Madritsch AND odds? Sign me up.
Royals (Greinke) +210 over Yankees (Mussina) - Another rookie pitcher I like.
and, of course...
Twins (Santana) -210 over Chisox (Garcia) - Johan Santana for MVP

Money to date: $-473 (picking dog/favorite = +1057/-1530, 35-48, 27-27) - Joe Kennedy comes through on the road again, and Hudson and Wright lose as heavy favorites to offset losses by the M's and Pirates, and net me a nifty $305 on the day. Oops - so much for posting before the game is over. The Rangers bullpen blows the game and there goes my $305 profit. Instead of winning $205, I lose $100. I hate the Rangers. Sigh.

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