Thursday, September 02, 2004

Chasing .400 

Ichiro! appears unstoppable. Another 3-5 tonight leaves him at 219 hits and counting, in 583 at bats for sa .376 batting average. It is his fifth straight multi-hit game.

There are 29 games remaining. Over his last 29 games, Ichiro got 124 ABs. If he gets 117 at bats to finish at a nice round 700, then he will need 280 hits to finish at .400. That is 61 hits in 117 at bats, a .521 clip and an average of a little over 2 hits a game.

Against some of the top teams in the American League in Oakland, Boston, Anaheim, Texas, Cleveland and Chicago, this is HIGHLY unlikely.

Isn't it?

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