Friday, September 17, 2004


The Angels took advantage of some sloppy M's defense and a well-placed bat by Darin Erstad to beat Jamie Moyer and the M's 6-1, and salvage a split with the Mariners. 5 of the Angels 6 runs came as the result of fielding mishaps involving Bret Boone.

The first run came in the 4th and scored when Jose Lopez could not turn the double play on a clean play from Boonie. But the majority of the damage came in a star-crossed 8th inning that turned a 2-1 pitchers duel into a 6-1 Angels win.

With runners at 2nd & 3rd with one out, the M's had the infield in and Darin Erstad at the plate. Erstad grounds to Boone who fires home and looks to have the runner nailed, except...

(cue music...) Welcome to 2004, the year when EVERYTHING goes wrong for the Mariners...

Yup, the ball hits Darin Erstad's bat, which was dropped in fair territory, hops over Dan Wilson's head and two runs scored. I don't think I've ever seen something like that happen before.

Okay, down 4-1, we walk Vlad to setup the double play and the plan works to perfection when Garrett Anderson hits a tailor-made double play grounder to Boone. Bret, though, is apparently still shaking his head about the previous play, and does his best Bill Buckner impersonation on the ball, never even touching it as it rolls between his legs, and another run scores.

Jamie Moyer ends up giving up 4 unearned runs in the inning, and takes the loss to continue his tough year.

Finally, the boys at USS Mariner have created a nice summary of the M's 2005 outlook that is a good starting point.

Today's picks:
I told myself that one of these days, I would pick every game. Well, here goes...
  • Phillies(Milton) -210 over Expos(Armas)
  • Mets(Glavine) -120 over Pirates(VanBenschoten)
  • Reds(Hudson) +170 over Cubs(Zambrano)
  • Brewers(Sheets) +170 over Astros(Oswalt)
  • Diamondbacks(Webb) +240 over Cardinals(Williams)
  • Dodgers(Nomo) -125 over Rockies(Wright)
  • Padres(Peavy) -120 over Giants(Lowry)
  • Red Sox(Arroyo) +130 over Yankees(Hernandez)
  • Devil Rays(Waechter) +135 over Blue Jays(Towers)
  • Royals(Wood) +200 over Indians(Westbrook)
  • White Sox(Grilli) even over Tigers(Robertson)
  • Twins(Mulholland) -145 over Orioles(Ponson)
  • Mariners(Meche) +170 over Athletics(Zito)
  • Rangers(Park) +160 over Angels(Colon)
Money to date: $-183 (picking dog/favorite = +1192/-1375, 38-54, 30-28) - Yikes! From Black to Red in a hurry as I pick 4 games and get them all wrong. If I get them all wrong today, all my work to get back in black will be lost, as I'll lose $1620. But that's why its called gambling.

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