Thursday, September 09, 2004

138 down... 24 to go 

Mariners score five runs on four homers, but the Indians scored six runs with two outs and beat us 9-5. Edgar has TWO nice home runs while Greg Dobbs threw his name into the 2005 third base race with a pinch blast in the ninth. Ichiro only manages a 1 for 5 meaning putting .400 in extreme jeopardy.

Jeremy Reed also makes his debut in a pinch-hit role, but unlike Dobbs, fails to make an impression. Why these guys are pinch hitting, while Willie Bloomquist, Hiram Bocachica, and Jolbert Cabrera are starting is beyond me. Let the rookies play and lets have some fun!

Speaking of fun rookies, the bad news is that Bucky Jacobsen is being shut down for the year with surgery scheduled for next week. Tough break for Bucky, and yet another blow for the M's fans. Look for Seahawk interest to be at a record high this year, with little competition available from your Mariners. I know that I am anxiously awaiting Sunday's game against the Saints.

As for the game, Baek had a nice start going with a 3-1 lead after three innings and having retired 7 in a row at that point. But things fell apart in the fourth as Bret Boone horribly misplayed the first play of the inning, in what should have been scored two errors, as the runner not only was safe at first, but to second because Bret was busy berating himself rather than chasing the ball that had bounced out of his glove into the outfield. That runner scored, but Baek couldn't contain the damage as with two outs and two on, he gave up a three run blast to Ron Belliard, and the M's would never lead again. The Indians later scored three more two-out runs in the seventh to put the game out of reach.

Today's picks:
After yesterday's easy pickings, lets go for some more overpriced underdogs. It seems the oddsmakers think that teams not in the playoff hunt have no chance of winning for some reason...
Mets (Benson) +190 over Marlins (Valdez) - 2-1 odds to bet against Ismael? Okay!
DBacks (Gonzalez) +280 over Dodgers (Lima) - 3-1 odds to bet against Lima? Okay!
Blue Jays (Lilly) +180 over Angels (Washburn)
Brewers (Davis) +110 over Reds (Claussen)

Money to date: $-743 (picking dog/favorite = +777/-1520, 31-44, 24-25) - A VERY nice day, with the Expos and Blue Jays giving me 2 of 4 underdogs connecting and of course, 2004 AL Cy Young winner Johan Santana won for a tidy $460 profit as I move back toward even.

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