Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Time for a Winning Streak 

I'm swamped at works, so just time to make some picks. The M's are so due a winning streak its not even funny, and I think Moyer is gonna get us started off on the right foot. Two straight blowout wins for the Mariners...

Today's picks:
Dodgers (Perez) +135 over Marlins (Beckett)
Padres (Eaton) +116 over Braves (Ortiz)
Indians (Davis) +150 over Red Sox (Lowe)
Pirates (Fogg) +220 over Astros (Pettitte)
Mariners (Moyer) -155 over Twins (Lohse)

Money to date: $-438 (picking dog/favorite = +475/-913, 17-21, 13-13) - Getting ugly when Schilling can't beat the Indians. I knew the Devil Rays was a reach and was rewarded with $200 for my faith in Paul Wilson of the Reds.

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