Wednesday, May 19, 2004


The sound you heard was my hopes and dreams for the next month crashing to earth. We now have 29 games to win 20.

Hey, lookie, we found our home run swing, with solo shots from Bret Boone and Raul Ibanez! Yee. Haw.

Unfortunately, we lost our singles swing, and good Freddy was replaced by mediocre Freddy, giving up five runs (although shaky defense in the first two innings didn't help). Forget trading Meche, lets trade Freddy while his stock is sky high.

The Red Sox are shopping Byung-Hyun Kim and while I would not trade Freddy for him, I would certainly explore finding out how much of his contract the Sox would be willing to eat, if they are primarily trying to shed salary and give Kim a change of scenery. Not sure what Boston's needs are, but we could sure use some bullpen help.

This article mentions that the Yankees have been the most aggressive in the pursuit of Carlos Beltran (surprise!), but that the Royals received calls last week from the Mets and Your Seattle Mariners. Yes, I dare to dream the big dreams.

Today's picks:
Red Sox (Schilling) -240 over Devil Rays (Bell)
Tigers (Maroth) +140 over A's (Redman)
Expos (Kim) Even over Brewers (Santos)

Money to date: $-963 (picking dog/favorite = +827/-1790, 27-34, 19-23) - Favorites doth vex me.

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