Monday, May 03, 2004

That's More Like It 

Meche pitches great, everybody hits, and the M's get a much-needed blowout 12-2 win over the Tigers AND their second series win of the season. This is a fantastic way to head into an off day and back home to face the Twins on Tuesday.

Of course, it may be too late as the RANGERS of all freakin teams, are in command of the AL West after SWEEPING the Red Sox this weekend. I've thought all along that the Wild Card would come from the AL West, but I did not think the Rangers would have anything to do with it (okay, I did, but that was by acting as punching bag to the other three). Of course, if the playoffs were today, the Wild Card team would actually be our next opponent, the Minnesota Twins.

Today's picks:
Red Sox (Schilling) -200 over Indians (Westbrook)
Devil Rays (Abbott) +145 over Rangers (Rogers)
Reds (Wilson) +200 over Astros (Oswalt)

Money to date: $-338 (picking dog/favorite = +375/-713, 17-21, 13-13) - Yuck - all four teams lost, costing me $490 and putting me below the Mendoza line for gambling ($0)

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