Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Seeking the Positive 

First and second, nobody out and Jolbert Cabrera up. C'mon, y'all know ya thought that a sacrifice was coming. Instead, Cabrera is up their swinging and drives a double to the left-centerfield gap to spark a 6-run second inning against the Yankees.

The rest of the game has been bemoaned by many, but I'm hoping that Bob Melvin will see the value in hitting away and will stop the freakin sacrifice bunting already! USS Mariner has been linking about this a bit this past weekend.

So the M's take a demoralizing loss into an off day, and now send their struggling #2 starter in Joel Pineiro to face a 5-0 pitcher who held them to 1 run on 5 hits just 6 days ago. Smart money is on the Twins in this one.

Jarvis in Coors
Yup. Kevin Jarvis is a Rockie. Well, actually he is a Sky Sox as the Rockies want him to build up arm strength in AAA before using him to potentially expand their 4-man rotation to 5 or replace one of their many ineffective pitchers. So, that's $200,000 and change that the Mariners will save. Yeehaw.

Today's picks:
Twins (Silva) -133 over Mariners (Pineiro)
Yankees (Brown) -170 over Angels (Escobar)
Mets (Leiter) -113 over Diamondbacks (Dessens)
Cubs (Wood) -160 over Dodgers (Weaver)
Pirates (Wells) -105 over Rockies (Elarton)
Indians (Sabathia) +190 over Red Sox (Martinez)

Money to date: $-859 (picking dog/favorite = +312/-1171, 21-28, 16-17) - Blew $100 on Meche & the M's.

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