Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Revenge of Bobby Ayala 

M's hitting singles all over the place, and that's great.

Joel Pineiro looked very good, and that is MUCH needed.

6-2 lead and Shigetosi Hasegawa gives up two singles and TWO FREAKIN WALKS. That just sucks. Mike Myers comes in and beans in a run with one pitch and that sucks.

I was hoping Putz would get the call to start the 8th, but instead he gets to come in with the bases loaded, none out and a two run lead. He comes close, but gives up a two-out single and the Twins tie it up at 6.

Then, the M's go out in the 9th through 11th innings and WALK THE LEADOFF HITTER (Putz once and Villone twice). That just kills me.

It was like Bobby Ayala and Heathcliff Slocumb had returned in different bodies.

The M's need to do something about the bullpen now. It is in shambles. Soriano is hurt and when he's not he's hurting the M's. Hasegawa is an unmitigated disaster. Myers is. Villone is fine for long relief, but is not a one-inning stud. Putz has done fine for the most part and Guardado has done alright, but he never gets to pitch. Everyone else in the bullpen should just be demoted right now. Call up Sherrill, Blackley, Madritsch, anyone to give this bullpen some help. I want to see a bullpen that gets strikeouts again.

And how many more embarrassing throws from Randy Winn do I have to watch? He actually made a good throw in the 11th on the game-winner, but that throw on the fly ball to short center in the 8th barely reached Putz on the bloop. Can someone tell me why we can't play Ichiro in center, Winn in left, and Ibanez in right?

That's two straight blown games and the losing streak is on again, now at 3. Freddy on the mound today means that the offense will likely head into a slumber again, but maybe Dan Wilson and Jolbert Cabrera can continue to lead this team.

That's about as optimistic as I can get right now.

Today's picks:
Marlins(Willis) +145 over Astros(Miller)
Pirates(Benson) +115 over Rockies(Estes)
Mets(Glavine) +160 over Diamondbacks(Johnson)
Yankees(Vazquez) -200 over Angels(Sele)
Tigers(Bonderman) +125 over Athletics(Harden)

Money to date: $-932 (picking dog/favorite = +312/-1171, 21-29, 19-19) - Won on the Twins, Yankees & Pirates, but got nothing from Leiter, Wood or Sabthia to lose $73 on the day.

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