Thursday, May 20, 2004

Payback is a Bitch 

2004 is the anti-2001.

Remember the 2001 Seattle Mariners? Every game was exciting, and you always felt like the M's would find a way to pull it out. And usually they did. Every game had the question "Who's gonna win this game for the M's?" Life was good.

Well, its payback time. Its 2004, the games are getting duller as the opponents get an early lead, and the M's meekly go down after a few flair singles and the occasional meaningless solo HR. There is always a brief Somewhat-Close-But-Not-Quite comeback. Or if they manage to get a lead, we ask the question "Who's gonna blow this one?"

I really hope the team snaps out of its current funk, cause I can't take much more of this. When Edgar is the goat not once but twice in a game, you know that something is horribly, horribly wrong.

Sigh... can't we call up someone from Tacoma just to make things interesting? Our second best bullpen pitcher right now is J.J. Putz, so can't we see what George Sherrill has to offer? What Meche could do in relief? How Bucky, A.J. and Justin would fare in the bigs? What Dave Niehaus would say about Bobby Madritsch's tattoos?

Thanks to Sports & Bremertonians for pointing me to the news that Andy Kaufmann is alive. Whether true or not, this fits perfectly with the Kaufmann style of humor, and I'll be looking for him at a Walmart or Starbucks soon. I hope it really is him, but hats off to the impersonator if its not.

Today's picks:
NL Day...
Phillies (Myers) -133 over Dodgers (Ishii)
Astros (Oswalt) -112 over Marlins (Beckett)
Padres (Valdez) -118 over Pirates (Vogelsong)
Rockies (Kennedy) +102 over Reds (Wilson)
Diamondbacks (Fossum) +145 over Braves (Ramirez)

Money to date: $-1063 (picking dog/favorite = +627/-1690, 27-36, 20-23) - Schilling wins, but my underdogs fall as my losings fall to four digits.

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