Tuesday, May 18, 2004

M's Contemplating Changes 

Today, Larry Larue confirms that the M's are planning some changes.

The laundry list of changes includes:
1 - Trade or dump Rich Aurilia, and fill with Jolbert Cabrera, Jose Lopez, or Ramon Santiago (good defense, no bat). I would hope that they go with the rookie Lopez, and lets see what he can do. The worst move of the year has been the dumping of Carlos Guillen for Rich Aurilia. Neither his bat nor his glove have adjusted to the American League.

2 - Trade, dump or bench John Olerud, and replacing with OF (Ibanez), 3B (Spiezio) or someone acquired through trade. No mention of A.J. Zapp or Bucky Jacobsen is made, unfortunately. Perhaps Oly platoons with Edgar at DH? At the least, we need to find John a platoon-mate at first.

3 - Trade Gil Meche for hitting, and bring up 5th starter from Tacoma in form of Madritsch or Nageotte. This one scares me the most. I think Meche is a big asset and could at least be used to strengthen the bullpen. He needs to be a piece in a deal for a significant hitter, not just another Jolbert Cabrera.

4 - Dump Quinton McCracken, and bring up a more versatile player, possibly Hiram Bocachica. This makes sense to me.

Bavasi then needs to plead with Mariner fans for forgiveness since the Aurilia move was his and his alone, and has failed abysmally.

The winning starts tonight.

Today's picks:
Dodgers (Alvarez) +106 over Phillies (Padilla)
Tigers (Bonderman) +160 over A's (Harden)
Twins (Santana) -109 over Blue Jays (Batista)
Mariners (Garcia) -155 over Orioles (Cabrera)

Money to date: $-759 (picking dog/favorite = +767/-1526, 26-33, 19-21) - I've got to remember not to bet on days I don't like any matchup. Me throwing $255 on the Diaz & Wolf in Coors is like the M's losing 2 of 3 to the Devil Rays.

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