Friday, May 07, 2004

Finally... Freddy! 

Freddy finally gets a win and I'm one happy camper. I had a long post, but GD Internet Explorer crashed while typing it, so I'll just write a short note.

Freddy looked great.
M's managed to eke out two runs, and get 2nd straight series win.
Ben Davis down, Pat Borders up is best for the M's and Davis (too bad Wiki is hurt).
Spiderman 2 is getting amazing publicity from MLB. Who cares if they put logos on bases?
Bring on the Yankees!

Today's picks:
Rockies (Estes) +200 over Cubs (Zambrano)
Dodgers (Alvarez) -105 over Pirates (Perez)
Mets (Glavine) -150 over Brewers (Davis)
Tigers (Bonderman) +150 over Rangers (Benoit)

Money to date: $-759 (picking dog/favorite = +362/-1121, 20-26, 15-16) - Only Freddy saved me from the Golden Sombrero of picks, and I didn't even come close.

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