Thursday, May 06, 2004

10-17 Just Bites 

What a blech game. Pineiro is once again not sharp, giving up three hits with two outs in the second, and then getting belted around for 4 more runs in the fourth before settling down.

But more troubling is the M's continued tradition of being completely unable to hit young pitchers. The M's did absolutely nothing on offense yesterday. Edgar and Boone looked terrible, and this team is in serious trouble.

Thankfully, at least Ichrio seems to have picked things up a bit, and now has a modest 5-game winning streak. But for the M's to succeed, we need to see the rest of the bats come to life. Soon.

Tonight, Freddy gets win number one. In a blowout.

Today's picks:
Marlins (Willis) -150 over Dodgers (Ishii)
Devil Rays (Gonzalez) +160 over Angels (Sele)
Indians (Sabathia) +145 over Red Sox (Martinez)
Mariners (Garcia) -160 over Twins (Radke)

Money to date: $-509 (picking dog/favorite = +562/-1071, 20-24, 14-15) - Ugly day, losing $256 with only the resurgent Joe Kennedy getting me a win, while the Giants, M's and Pirates all fell. My MLB betting is beginning to look like my portfolio in 2001.

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