Monday, April 26, 2004

U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi... 

Throught 19 games, the Mariners are 6-13. IN EVERY GAME SAVE ONE, THE MARINERS HAVE TRAILED.

M's Leads of 2004
4/8 - lose to Anaheim 5-1 in 5-run ninth after getting 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 4th. A lead for 4 Angel At Bats! Hooray!
4/9 - take 6-4 lead over Oakland in top of 7th, and give it back in bottom of the 7th, losing 8-6.
4/10 - 1-0 lead in top of first lasts till bottom of 7th, losing 2-1 to Oakland
4/11 - M's win #1 with 2 in 9th and 5 in 10th - 9-4.
4/13 - M's up 4-0 till Angels tie it in bottom of 6th and go ahead in 7th for 7-5 loss.
*4/14 - M's tie it in top of ninth and lose it in bottom of ninth, 6-5 to Angels.
4/15 - 5-run 6th and M's hold onto 6-2 win over Angels. Hooray, we're 2-7!
4/17 - Three in 4th gives M's lead and they hang on for 4-1 win over Rangers to go 3-8 and start "The Streak"
4/18 - Three in 6th gives us a 4-2 win again, and a 2-game winning streak!
4/19 - The ONLY game the M's never trailed took a balk to win. 5th-inning HR holds till Dye's 9th-inning homer.
4/20 - Tie it at 1 in the seventh and win it in the ninth with walk-off home run. Thanks, Raul, we're 6-8!
*4/21 - Tied it at 4 in the seventh to lose it in the ninth. This is as close as we'll get for awhile.
* - never had a lead but coming back to tie it felt good so I included.

Yes, in our current 5-game losing streak, we have NEVER HAD THE LEAD. Sigh. I need a beer.

So in 177 innings of baseball, we have led at the end of just 30 innings after the opponent batted (and led after our at bat just 42 innings. We have had leads in just 10 of 19 games.

But, we are kicking ass in extra innings, with a perfect 2-0 mark.

Our offense needs to figure out how to score a run when we are ahead, or when the game is tied. Yes, we need some clutch hitting. It seems like our best hitters can't get a simple sacrifice fly when runners are on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

Tonight, we face a rookie pitcher in Matt Riley that we have never seen before. He has shut down the Red Sox and Blue Jays this year giving up an earned run to each in 6+ innings. Uh oh. We need a shutout. Its time for Gil Meche to be the man.

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