Friday, April 16, 2004

That's More Like It 

Okay, raise your hands if you thought the M's were doomed after Adam Kennedy hit a home run off the foul pole in the second inning...

I admit it, the thought crossed my mind.

But then a magical thing happened. Ryan Franklin settled down and this day when the M's found a way to scrap together 5 or 6 runs there was no withering from the starting pitching, defense, or bullpen.

That's more like it! The way I look at it, now. We are 4 games out with 153 to play. Piece of cake.

What went right
Ryan Franklin pitches 4-hitter over 8 innings. Boone steals second to setup run in 4th. Ibanez drives in 2-out run with double. Ichiro pulls Garrett Anderson shot back from going over the wall in 4th. Big 5-run inning putting together a series of singles around a couple of errors. Taking advantage of the other team's mistakes - long overdue. Oly stabs Vladdy smash to keep Angels from scoring in the 6th.

What went wrong
Franklin gave up a home run and a long double in the second. Only one strikeout and a few dangerous shots that the defense made plays on. That's about it.

Today's picks:
Cardinals (Morris) -240 over Rockies (Stark)
Astros (Oswalt) -260 over Brewers (Davis)
Mets (Glavine) - 132 over Pirates (Wells)
Expos (Hernandez) +150 over Phillies (Milton)
Tigers (Cornejo) +160 over Indians (Sabathia)

Money to date: +65 (picking dog/favorite = +343/-278, 8-9, 5-5) - Reds bullpen gave away game to the Phillies, Leiter was too good against the Braves, and the Rockies couldn't outscore the D'backs costing me $320. Thank goodness, Ben Sheets still owns the Astros and got me back $140 or I'd be in the red.

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