Friday, April 30, 2004

Randy Winn's Arm 

I still think that if 3 consecutive home runs embarrasses Howard Lincoln, then he has got to be cringing every time Winn heaves a giant looping ball with all his might to reach the cut off man ten seconds later. Could we just TRY Ichiro in center? For a week? Just for grins?

So long to the Safe
Gabriel & Jeff at The Safe are calling it quits. Good luck, fellas, and anytime you want to post here, feel free to drop me a line.

Today's picks:
Brewers (Sheets) -145 over Pirates (Benson)
Marlins (Willis) -145 over Giants (Correia)
Reds (Acevedo) +175 over Astros (Clemens)
Royals (Anderson) +200 over Yankees (Vazquez)

Money to date: $151 (picking dog/favorite = +575/-423, 17-19, 13-11) - The two teams I lost $200 with (Pirates and Expos) gave up 2 runs each but the ex-Yankees Pettitte and Wells were too much. Thank goodness for Weaver.

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