Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Putz Up 

J.J. Putz gets called up and Rafael Soriano is sent to A Inland Empire to work on finding his velocity and command again in games that won't hurt the Mariners. I really like this move for the M's. Putz may be headed right back down in 10 days, but watch closely, he may pitch well enough to stay, and force the M's hand with Kevin Jarvis.

If the M's can get cash considerations (that's very considerate of you, Minnesota) from the Twins for Terry Mulholland, then surely we can get something in return for Jarvis, right?

It would not shock me to see Kevin Jarvis get a showcase start sometime soon, though it would certainly happen on the road.

In other good news for the Mariners, the lineup tonight features John Olerud 2nd and Edgar Martinez third, moving our top OBP guys to the top of the lineup where they belong. I would prefer to see Edgar batting 2nd to split up the lefties (and to get Edgar the extra at bat if it comes to it), but hey that's just me. Randy Winn drops down to 7th where we may be able to better use his speed when he gets on base.

For now, I am going to hope that removing my bets on the M's helps get them turned around. But if that fails, I'll start a betting AGAINST the M's tally. I'm here to help.

Finally, I played in a No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament tonight. Pain is going all in with Ace-deuce of diamonds against a Nine-five of hearts and having your opponent pair up fives on the final card. And as a result, I finished in fifth, one slot out of the money. A whole lotta luck in this game called poker, and for me, all of its bad.

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