Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Opening Day! 

I heard some noise about baseball starting last week, and even yesterday. But I checked, and sure enough, Opening Day is today! Moyer vs. Colon is just a few hours away. A new season ready to roll, and despite our assorted tweaks, nicks, and pulls, I remain excited about this season. Spiezio will get better, and Will-bert will fill in fine until then. Guardado will be back soon, and until then Shiggy will hold down the fort. Ibanez will rock in the cleanup spot.

Or they won't, and we'll fix it. I just wanna watch some baseball today, and not think about it too much. Enjoy!!!

Today's picks:
I'm gonna play some hunches on pitchers that look like they may get off to hot/cold starts before returning to regular season form...
Mets (Glavine) +145 over Braves (Ortiz)
Rockies (Estes) +180 over Diamondbacks (Johnson)
Indians (Davis) +165 over Twins (Santana)
Brewers (Davis) +160 over Cardinals (Marquis)
Astros (Pettitte) -200 over Giants(Tomko)

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