Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Note to Mr. Bavasi 

Dear Mr. Bavasi,

The Diamondbacks have recently called up one Chad Tracy to man third base, and he seemingly is taking the right-hand half of a platoon with Shea Hillenbrand. This *may* mean that Shea Hillenbrand is available for trade and would be a nice fit as a first baseman who can mash lefties. He also is relatively inexpensive and comes with no long-term commitment. I won't do the full analysis because I have a job that pays me more than you do, but I just hope this bug reaches your ear.

Mariner Optimist

P.S. And if the DBacks continue to slide, they have another power-hitting first baseman in Richie Sexson that we'd like to have this year and for many years beyond.

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