Friday, April 02, 2004

Milton Bradley and More 

No news on Milton Bradley in the Seattle press, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer lists the M's and Dodgers as two of the eight teams that have expressed interest in the slugger. Indians GM Mark Shapiro says "We're having open trade conversations with seven or eight teams right now, four or five of which are somewhat legitimate and serious." Shapiro indicates that while the conditions are not ideal for extracting value for Bradley, they will not be lowballed.

"It's a disadvantage anytime teams know you want to make a trade," said Shapiro. "But anytime you have multiple teams with interest in the same player, it has a tendency to overcome that disadvantage. . . We may not be able to fully maximize Milton's value, but there is value there."

Shapiro said he would not be surprised if Bradley is still with the Indians when the season opens. "I'm going to make the right trade," he said. "We're not under a timetable."
The Mets are in the mix with a package of second-tier prospects like Aaron Heilmann, but studs Scott Kazmir and David Wright are not being considered. The Rangers are too, but since Bradley is not a pitcher, I don't think they'll go as hard as the Mariners should.

And while Bradley is not mentioned in the Seattle press, a Cleveland Plain Dealer writer argues for keeping Bradley by saying "Bradley acted rashly. But two rash acts don't make a right."

I'll stick to my original idea of Clint Nageotte & Quinton McCracken for Bradley. The Indians want Nageotte, and he had been off-limits, so we should be able to get the Indians to take some salary back in the form of McCracken, who would no longer be needed with Bradley's acquisition. If we can get Bradley with lesser prospects or even dump more salary while moving him, we should explore it, but we should also be willing to include Nageotte if that's what it takes.

Kevin Jarvis Watch
Kevin Jarvis has pitched well during his last four outings, and according to the Arizona Republic, teams are taking notice.

While most visiting scouts left the Valley, representatives from at least eight teams stuck around Wednesday just to watch Seattle's Kevin Jarvis pitch at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.
The Mariners are leaning toward carrying 12 pitchers on the roster. That should assure Jarvis of a spot on the 25-man roster, especially because the Mariners embark April 13 on a stretch of 20 consecutive days of games.

The plan could change if another team needs starting pitching. Among the teams who had scouts in attendance at Wednesday's game at Phoenix Muni: Baltimore, Texas, Boston, the Yankees, Cleveland and Detroit.
Cleveland? Hmmm.... How about Jarvis and mid-tier pitching prospects and $2.5M for Milton Bradley?

Bubba Trammell Watch
I am strongly endorsing the acquisition of Bubba Trammell, but have been unable to find anyone else discussing the power hitting outfielder. Trammell, 32, batted .255 this spring, with three home runs and 10 RBIs, so the productivity is still there. The Devil Rays may have interest as he was a fan favorite there for a time. Here is what was written about Bubba Trammell when he signed with the Dodgers.

Dodger General Manager Jim Evans said he was confident Trammell had resolved his off-field issues and could contribute as a reserve outfielder and veteran right-handed bat off the bench.

"When you ask a guy to come in in big situations and get a productive at-bat, they need experience to do that," Evans said. "He's been a very successful player against left-handing pitching and has had success in the National League."

Trammell, who has a .261 career average over parts of seven seasons, has hit .282 against left-handers. His most productive season came in 2001, when he hit .261 with 25 home runs and 92 runs batted in in 142 games with the San Diego Padres.

Evans said the Dodgers have made it clear to Trammell, who also plays first base, not to expect that kind of playing time this season.

"We are not signing him to be our everyday outfielder; we expect him to be a role player," Evans said. "He gives us another option, a guy who can play multiple positions."
First base. Outfield. Mashes lefties. Ready to be a bench contributor. MLB Minimum salary. SIGN HIM UP!

What the Hell Am I Doing?
In this article I have proposed trading a stud prospect and acquiring two potential headcases, Bradley is a known delinquent, and Trammell left the Yankess in June last year after suffering a bout of depression. Still, both are low risk acquisitions. Bradley has always been on young teams (Expos, Indians) where he was expected to be a leader, and a leader he is not. I think our veteran team is a perfect place for Bradley to mellow out. And as for Trammell, he seems to have battled back from the depression, so I think that is behind him.

Richie Sexson in 2005?
For those of you hoping for Richie Sexson to be our free agent signing in 2005, not so fast. The Arizona Republic reports that Sexson would like to sign a long-term deal with the Diamondbacks. No serious negotiations are underway yet, but this does show that Sexson's future free agency is far from a given.

Welcome to the Blogosphere
A hearty welcome to Jet City Sports, who joins the blogosphere with a look at all things Seattle sports. I've added him to the Optimists lists based on his first M's related entry, Bull Market.

There are two players on the roster who appear to be in line for better seasons in 2004 than in 2003: John Olerud and Ichiro.

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