Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Caffeinated Confines, a new M's blog whose early entries I have really enjoyed. Today's entry, "Wins for the hometown faithful: Making strides towards 10 W’s, one game at a time and the return of a “fallen Angel”, a renewed smile", could have been written by me, well, if I actually knew how to write. They are off to a great start and I'm looking forward to reading more. Here's a sample...

A lot of what we’ve witnessed was basically a team slump. They would get a bit of a jump start and then kinda sputtered back into a hole. A bright spot was needed and that’s what they’ve gotten back into their line-up and it’s taken the form of Scott Spiezio. From the moment he walked onto the field for batting practice with his teammates on Saturday, he had this amazingly huge smile across his face that was simply contagious, of which I like to call his “100 watt smile”.

Speez has that sparkle in his eyes that lets you know he’s dedicated to what he does and it’s that gracious, electryifying energy that causes you to fall in love with him almost immediately. It’d be hard not to be able to see why he was so appreciated and embraced and still is to this day by his former team of four years, the Anaheim Angels. And after a slow start out of the gates, his excitement to finally get to play with his new team and contribute was just the kick in the butt we may have needed, the last piece of the puzzle was Scott and it fits perfectly.
Keep up the great work, Scott & Christina!

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