Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'll take it! 

The M's did their best to shoot my entire work week last night but playing well past my bedtime, and every inning after the 7th was a nailbiter. Runners in scoring position every inning, and great pitching to escape it.

And then comes the bottom of the 14th when QUINTON MCCRACKEN sparks the M's with a one-out single, moves to third on a Boone single. Scott Spiezio up for what seems like the 3rd or 4th time with the winning run on 3rd. I'd been mentally preparing headlines for a game winning home run from Ibanez (erased by Dye's 9th inning blast), Spiezio, and Rich Aurilia (blooper almost fell in the 13th). So here I was trying to figure out how game 3 of the Scott Spiezio Era would be won by the man himself.

Justin Duchscherer is in the stretch, Q is dancing, and he tries one of those stupid fake to third throw to first moves. Its 2am my time, I'm sleepy, and my mind could not grasp what signal the ump was giving, but there was McCracken trotting home with the game winning run! Long live the Balk! After inning after inning of failures by both offenses (or great clutch pitching, you decide), it took a major brain cramp on the part of the pitcher to give the Mariners this hard fought win.

And getting the win was Kevin Jarvis, the Mariners sixth pitcher of the evening, who survived a 2-out walk and single to hold the A's in the top of the 14th. So Jarvis gets the win and Q scores the winning run.

7 great innings from Freddy, a perfect 8th from Mike Myers, but Eddie Guardado could not seal the win as Jermaine Dye's blast barely cleared Ichiro's glove and the wall to lead off the ninth.

A great win for the M's as we are 3-0 A.S.S. and just 3 games back of Oakland. We go again tonight in a battle of depleted bullpens with Ryan Franklin facing Rich Harden.

Today's picks:
Marlins (Willis) even over Phillies (Padilla) - riding Willis until he fails me.
Brewers (Sheets) -130 over Diamondbacks (Dessens)
Rangers (Rogers) +135 over Angels (Ortiz)
Cardinals(Suppan) +150 over Astros (Miller)

Money to date: -67 (picking dog/favorite = +43/-110, 8-12, 8-6) - Picking the Expos was foolish, but Jerome Williams and Barry Bonds got me off the hook.

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