Monday, April 26, 2004

I got your Optimism... right here! 

Thanks to John McGrath for bringing a smile to my face and showing me (albeit, tongue-firmly-in-cheek) some reasons for optimism. The whole article is well worth your time.

• The Mariners are only five games out of first place. In 1995, they were five games out of first place as late as Sept. 13, and went on a run that didn't exhaust itself until they got within two victories of the World Series.

• Seattle won't play another game against an AL West opponent until it returns to Texas on June 22. Just think: A two-month vacation from Adam Kennedy, Eric Byrnes and Kevin Mench.

• Bring on the Yankees!
This team belongs to Ichiro, Bret, Edgar and to a lesser extent, Oly. Its time for these guys to step up, starting tonight. Go Mariners!!!

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