Wednesday, April 28, 2004

How was the game? 

For the first time all year, I was unable to watch or listen to the game last night, and heck, I haven't even read about it today, other than just now to pull up the box score and game log on ESPN. I see that we won 7-5 and Ron Villone got the win, Dan Wilson homered and I know this is Bob Melvin's 100th win as Mariner skipper (though it took a week longer than Iwould have liked).

The box score tells me that, of course, Rafael Palmeiro homered against us (we should have signed him just to avoid him) and, of course, we trailed in this game. Jolbert Cabrera goes 2-4 with a key hit in the 7th inning, and a throwout of Melvin Mora at 2B in his first start in centerfield. I vote he gets another start. Every Mariner got a hit. Meche struggled (7 baserunners, 87 pitches in 3 innings), Julio Mateo really struggled (7 hits in 2 1/3), but Myers and Guardado were money getting us out of a bases-loaded, one out jam in the eighth, including Myers getting Palmeiro to pop out with one out. Oh yeah, we plunked Tejada not once but twice. You can learn a lot from a box score.

So we're 1-0 against the AL East and going for #2 tonight. Maybe I won't watch that one either to see if we can get a winning streak going. But then again, we could win 15 in a row and I wouldn't get to enjoy it because I wasn't following it.

These are the type of dilemmas a supersitious M's fan must face.

Today's picks:
Marlins (Beckett) -150 over Rockies (Jennings)
Astros (Oswalt) -210 over Pirates (Fogg)
Devil Rays (Abbott) +200 over Red Sox (Schilling)
Tigers (Maroth) +150 over Angels (Colon)
Reds (Wilson) -108 over Brewers (Kinney)

Money to date: $394 (picking dog/favorite = +599/-205, 15-16, 12-9) - Glavine over Nomo was easy money and the Rays/Sox got rained out.

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