Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Great Day for Baseball 

Owls play #1 Texas today at 6pm and send up ace Jeff Niemann. This is a critical game for the #3 ranked Owls (27-6) who need a win to help ensure that they get to host one of the eight super regionals. Rice is currently #7 in estimated RPI rankings that have corrolated well to Super Regional sites in the past (NCAA has not released the formula to this secret sauce). The Owls have won 11 straight against WAC foes, and face their last big test today. They are 0-3 versus Texas (33-4) so far this year including a painful come-from-behind 8-7 loss last month here in Austin. Go Owls!

And in Anaheim, the Mariners send Joel Pineiro back to the hill against Kelvim Escobar to face the Angels. The M's really need a win here to get the Angels Rally Monkey off their backs. Since leaving Seattle, the Angels have slipped going 1-3 against the Rangers, so they are ripe for the picking. Go M's!

I've seen all sorts of analysis on the M's chances starting 0-5. Don't worry about it. We started like crap. A month from now when we are 20-15, the start will be forgotten. This team has played poorly, but could easily be 3-3 right now against the top opponents in the American League.

Looper Returns
In a nice break for the Mariners, the Dodgers sent us back Aaron Looper for lesser prospect LHP Glenn Bott. The Dodgers did not have room for Looper on their 40-man roster. To make room on our 40-man, the Mariners will waive former #1 pick Ryan Christiansen. Looper could see some time with the big club this year, while Bott was a fringe prospect at best. This effectively makes the deal Cabrera for Ketchner and Bott, which is, to me, a good use of minor league resources.

Today's picks:
Brewers (Capuano) +145 over Giants (Hermanson)
Padres (Eaton) -139 over Dodgers (Weaver)
Blue Jays (Hentgen) -120 over Tigers (Bonderman)

Money to date: +380 (picking dog/favorite = +603/-223, 7-5, 3-3) - A nice day - two picks and both the Giants and Rangers come through for me. I've almost made up my losses on the M's.

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