Thursday, April 29, 2004

Good Doctor Weighs In 

Always an entertaining read, Dr. Detecto weighs in on what ails the Mariners in an interesting (and optimistic) thread at Top MLB Forums.

Of course he also makes some requests of M's management that are unlikely to happen in the near future, but would be sure to light a fire in the fans, if not the team.

1. Franklin to the 'pen, Soriano into the rotation ASAP
2. Griffey, or Beltran, or MaggliO, or Edmonds, or whoever, in here ASAP
3. Kendall in here ASAP, back-loaded contract
4. Freddy gone and Nageotte or Blackley in (to pay for the 2 hitters)
5. (Maybe) trade for a very fine reliever

6. Announce, loudly, that the new goal is to win the World Series
7. Maybe, replace Melvin with a high-energy manager (Valentine?)
8. Give Billy Bavasi a budget and a "go to it, mate" license to kill

But the point isn't WHAT they do. They could do the above, or do different things.

The point is that they do things that are DECISIVE even if expensive ..... and with a clear MISSION STATEMENT.

That CLEAR MISSION being, to win the pennant already.

The point is to stop living in fear of what might happen if you act.

Because not acting, brings its own risks.

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