Thursday, April 08, 2004

Coors Lite? 

Two games in and the Mariners have scored 12 runs, and not even been close to winning a ballgame. Small sample size, yes, but keep in mind that Safeco played as a hitter's park in the second half of 2003, and may continue to do so. For a team that had three pitchers give up 30+ home runs last year, this may be very bad news.

The good news from yesterday's game was Kevin Jarvis, Mike Myers, and Shiggy all pitched well. Boonie homered. Winn, Edgar, and Aurilia each had two hits, and Dan Wilson somehow went 3-for-4. Note that's too straight games for Wilson, which is not good news for Ben Davis fans.

The bad news was that Joel Pineiro got pummelled. Rafael Soriano had a shaky inning, but would have gotten out of it unscathed if not for...

The ugly - that botched 8th inning rundown where Rafael Soriano dropped the ball at home plate, allowing the lead to grow to three runs, and sucking the life out of the crowd and the M's.

Is it too early to say the M's are playing a must-win game tonight. We really need Freddy to shut down the Angels bats for the night.

Today's picks:
Expos (Ohka) +145 over Marlins (Willis)
Braves (Thomson) -160 over Mets (Erickson)

Money to date: -55 (picking dog/favorite = +345/-400, 4-3, 0-2) - Underdog Mets & Giants get pummelled and Paul Wilson shuts down Maddux (-200) and the Cubs. Thank goodness I could count on Detroit (+160)!

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