Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bullpen Blues 

The title of this post was gonna be "Thanks, Jeff," as we got tangible results of trading Mr. Furious to the Padres when Dave Hansen belted a three-run homer off of Tim Hudson to tie the game last night in the seventh.

Enter the ninth, and we mistakenly leave Mike Myers in to give up a walk and single while Shiggy opens the floodgates. David at USS Mariner does a nice job of breaking down the mistake Melvin made by not bringing in Eddie Guardado.

So what could have been an inspiring come-from-behind victory over the staff ace of our chief rival goes down as a disappointing loss.

Today's picks:
Padres (Valdez) +126 over Giants (Rueter)
Astros (Oswalt) -210 over Cardinals (Marquis)
Devil Rays (Moss) +150 over Orioles (Ainsworth)
Yankees (Mussina) -155 over White Sox (Schoenweiss)

Money to date: $818 (picking dog/favorite = +628/+190, 12-12, 11-6) - Seven straight correct picks including getting the D-Rays and the Tigers last night. I'm approaching Ibanez territory.

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