Friday, April 09, 2004

Bring on the A's 

Forget about the opening weekend. Lets look at it as a nice change of pace from the past two years. This is the year we start slow and finish strong! It starts today as Ryan Franklin goes out to prove the naysayers wrong and beat the freakin A's.

I have my big-money roto draft tomorrow (NL-Only, 13 teams, 4X4), so not much time for blogging today. I've got my paying hobby to take care of...

Today's picks:
Rockies (Elarton) +135 over Dodgers (Ishii)
Orioles (Ponson) -123 over Devil Rays (Hendrickson)
White Sox (Garland) +200 over Yankees (Contreras)
Blue Jays (Lilly) +135 over Red Sox (Arroyo)
Astros (Miller) -170 over Brewers (Obermueller)

Money to date: -55 (picking dog/favorite = +245/-300, 4-4, 1-2) - Braves & Thomson won me $100, but Dontrelle Willis spoiled my upset pick by shutting out the Expos 3-0. Unfortunately, I was too late blogging to cash in on the Tigers and Brewers again.

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