Thursday, April 29, 2004

Another Shaky Loss 

Shiggy just looks lost out there. No one is biting at his sliders out of the strike zone, and his fastballs are getting ripped. Double on tomahawk chop by Tejada is forgivable, I guess. But letting Javy walk after going 2-2 on him hurt, and giving Jay Gibbons a very hittable pitch with two strikes drove the nail in the coffin.

And Randy Winn's throw home on the game winning hit was just an embarrassing bloop. I wonder if Lincoln can have "that kind of thing going on" for much longer. The decision to let Cameron go is looking worse and worse. Having Cammy in center and Winn or Ibanez coming in off the bench would strengthen this team considerably.

The man who REALLY needs to step up is Ichiro. He was called out as mediocre by David Locke yesterday, and responded by going 0-for-5 and stranding 4 baserunners, and ending the innings in the 4th, 6th and 9th. Yuck.

On the good news front is that Jamie Moyer looked just like Jamie Moyer. He had a shaky first inning, and then settled into a groove for 7 innings of 4-hit ball.

Day game today, which is always nice. Lets see if we can finally get Joel back on the right track. Then will get Soriano back in the bullpen (or in the rotation and Meche in the bullpen would be fine with me), and get back to where all we worry about is our offense.

Today's picks:
A good day to bet against ex-Yankees, and I'm a little gunshy of favorites right now
Pirates (Wells) +130 over Astros (Pettitte)
Expos (Ohka) +180 over Padres (Wells)
Mets (Seo) +125 over Dodgers (Weaver)

Money to date: $226 (picking dog/favorite = +649/-423, 16-17, 13-11) - Last night shows why you should never gamble on baseball. Reds up 9-0 after 4 innings - money in the bank, right? Wrong. As a result, I lose three (-$168) including a painful $210 on Oswalt and the Astros.

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